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Consulting, repair and maintenance of household appliances of any kind!

Please contact us if you need any assistance with appliances

We find specialists, repair, and advise on all issues related to the repair and maintenance of household appliances.

Modern refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, and vacuum cleaners are equipped with sophisticated electronics. If the unit fails, it is almost impossible to eliminate all its malfunctions without the help of a specialist. The best solution is not to risk the performance of household appliances but to entrust their repair to professionals. The masters of our service center are ready to help those who are faced with a breakdown of home equipment.

When leaving a request, be sure to inform the manager about the nature of the breakdown.

This will help the craftsmen prepare for the repair – to select the repair equipment and the necessary spare parts.

For troubleshooting, we use only branded parts.

Since repairs are done at home, you can control the work of the foreman.

What are we repairing

We specialize in repairing household appliances:

What Our Clients Say

"If the repair of household appliances is required, contact the service center - this is a guarantee of quality repair! I contacted about the breakdown of the dishwasher, everything was done quickly and efficiently. The prices are reasonable."
Kate Marshall
"Great service! In connection with my professional activity, I regularly receive advice from them on the purchase and maintenance of household appliances. Their staff always answer my questions and provide useful information."
garage door openers
Chen Lee
"In my professional activity, I deal with various household appliances. We often encounter breakdowns. The guys from Sharman Stone help us a lot, they completely took upon themselves the issue of repair and maintenance of appliances. They have become reliable partners for us."
reviews of the best water coolers, vacuum cleaners, juicers, ice makers and other home appliances
Jim Powell