Vacuum cleaner repair

The vacuum cleaner is equipment well made for light works like keeping the floor clean and dust-free. It is more of a luxury appliance in any domestic family, while it is professional equipment for many hospitality sectors. However, vacuum cleaners are subjected to occasional breakdowns due to work pressure that is mostly easy to fix. But, longtime negligence can eventually lead your device to an undesirable problem.

 In such a dire situation, all you require an assured professional on whom you can rely on your device. Now if you are looking for someone like that, then we are at your rescue! Let’s proceed to know more about our services!

 Services we offer

  • The compressor is the main component of the vacuum cleaner

We guarantee you to provide the best servicing of your compressor apart from repair services. Vacuuming is not everything; the dust disposal is also equally important.

  • Is the suction power of your vacuum is okay?

The Sani punch nozzle is responsible for the suction and the vibration. If the suction holes are not cleaned properly after room cleaning, then the ducts will get blocked and eventually turn inefficient to clean. Our professional staff carries cleaning pieces of equipment whenever they will visit you for servicing.

  • Is your vacuum cleaner smells foul?

Vacuum cleaner stores the collected dust and debris in a disposal bag inserted inside the cleaner body. But if the disposal bags are not replaced over a fixed time interval, the stored waste releases the foul and toxic smell. Our maintenance service involves full body checkup of your machine and eventually intoxicating your entire device from any harmful germs and viruses.

Beyond the services mentioned above, we can provide you with any and every kind of solution related to your device.

The frequent breakdown problems with your vacuum cleaners

  • Reduced suction power

The most common problem every vacuum cleaner faces in due course of time is a reduction in the suction power. The primary reason for this issue is negligence in post-cleaning of the device, especially with the brush rolls. The worst part of negligent cleaning adversely affects the efficiency of the motor and its functioning. It also clogs the pipe ducts and leads to the corrosion of the brush rolls.

  • The machine shuts automatically

Sometimes, the vacuum cleaner automatically shuts down while operating. Some issues involve the failure of the machine’s operations like faulty suction ducts or inefficient and outdated motor. Another prime reason can be an accumulation of dirt inside the machine’s body.

A thorough cleaning of the machine can repair the cause, but it is better to consult a professional mechanic for getting a clear idea about the real reason.

  • Broken or damaged belts

Damaged belts can significantly affect the different part of the device. They tend to wear off after a few months and eventually break down. A simple repair session can cure this common issue. You should not ignore the worn out parts and take immediate steps to prevent your machine from any significant damage.

  • Increased noise level

With a decrease in cleaning measures, the ducts get clogged and eventually, the suction force decreases. However, your machine might make a loud noise, and that happens because of worn-out bearings of the device. They corrode because of the extensive use of the machine. It is also essential to test the motor’s efficiency for electrical safety.

The popular brands we work with are

  • Eureka
  • NuTone
  • Sanitaire
  • Electrolux
  • Maytag
  • iRobot
  • Honeywell
  • SEBO
  • Dyson 
  • KitchenAid and more.