Pool Equipment Repair

Pools and spas are one of the primary attractions of any hotel or holiday inn. Sipping a cold mint mojito drink and enjoying a sun dipped morning by the pool’s side feels like heaven on Earth. But would you like to enjoy an afternoon bath in a dirty collection and the water is cloudy? Of course not! Thus, the significance of pool equipment is incomparable.

However, most owners do not apprehend how the equipment works, thus neglecting the specific maintenance and repair required. However, very few technicians are competent enough to repair pool pumps and cleaners. If you are searching for such a professional, you have come precisely in the right place. Let’s proceed further to know more about us!

Services we offer

We are your pool pump’s best mate

Naturally, pool pumps, unlike ordinary pumps, don’t require frequent maintenance because they are capable of self-priming. Still, the interior components of your pump, like the strainer basket, require routine maintenance. When you hire a professional like us, we reach the strainer basket and clean the most challenging stains. We also thoroughly check the pipelines and make sure there is no leakage involved in it.

We can take care of the pool filters

We can take care of all the types of pool filters. There are san, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth filters. People’s common mistake is; they try to clean the filters themselves, and they wash it thoroughly. Complete cleaning of filters hinders the filtration process, and that’s why partial dirt helps in better filtering action. Hence, while periodical cleaning of filters, always consult a professional mechanic.

Let us maintain your pool heaters

The heater is an integral part of spas and pool areas. But, they are also the least maintained equipment of these areas. Typically, the heater can survive 1-2 years without maintenance, but they are usually not subjected to care even about 3-4 years. Hence, the machine reaches a stage where it needs to be replaced or a thorough repair. We are capable of every solution to your problems.

Frequent breakdown of the equipments

  • Leaking pipes

If you find your water supply pipes are flat in shape, then immediately replace them. Typically, flat tubes appear to be okay with operations, but they, in reality, they are inefficient enough to supply an adequate amount of water.

  • Restricted path for flow of water

The breakdown due to the restricted flow of water happens because of a lack of knowledge. Before selecting the joints and extension pipes for water supply, make sure they are compatible. If faulty components are connected, eventually, the strength of the water supply decreases over a while.

  • Usage of wrong cleaning system plant

The chlorinated saltwater system is used for cleaning the pool area and water. The installation process is straightforward, but most owners’ primary mistake is they select a wrong system plant for the procedure. The usage of adhesives to glue the PVC connection is entirely false. A wrong way of installation can hamper the entire system in due course of time.

The common brands we work with are

  • Pentair
  • Hayward commercial pool products
  • Zodiac pool systems
  • Latham pool systems
  • Jacuzzi, Inc.
  • Proline
  • Spectrum Products
  • Aqua EZ and more.