Why does my gas stove keep clicking?

Why does my gas stove keep clicking?

Food is the ultimate need of every man on this earth. The day-to-day struggle in an individual’s life is just for fulfilling his/her appetite. For a house, the kitchen is where food is prepared for the people who reside in it. The original equipment or appliance used for this purpose is a gas stove. A gas stove is the pride of a 5-star chef and the essential device for a housewife. 

You all are familiar with the characteristic sound of the stove when it is first turned on. The “tick-tick-tick” sound notifies us that the igniter or the switch is working, but the issue also arises from here. Sometimes, even after the furnace has ignited, the furnace keeps clicking. The sound persists. It is a clear symptom of the malfunctioning of the furnace. It is pretty annoying for any user and might even blunder your meal planning.

 This article is dedicated to disclosing the answers and proper reasons for your question, “Why does my gas stove keep clicking?”

Reasons why the gas stove igniter keep clicking

Food debris block the passage of gas

Varieties of food are cooked using the furnaces all day long. The stuck-on food particles block the path of the gas to support the fire of the stove. These particles are responsible for the clicking sound even after the stove is on. Typically, these food particles are sticky in nature and might stick to the gas inlet or opening of the igniter. They form a layer and that leads to the continuous clicking noise when you lit the gas stove.

  • Presence of moisture

Whenever you are using the gas stove make sure the gas stove is completely dry. Stains of sauces, gravies, and the bursting bubbles of boiling liquids harden and form a layer when dried. Even after cleaning with a wet sponge or cloth, the igniter might stay wet and that can lead to the continuous noise after lighting the gas stove.

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  • Misplacement of the burner cap

Sometimes, due to the movement of heavy utensils, the burner cap gets dislocated. Dislocation of the cap blocks the passage of gas supply or obstructs the nozzles from where the flames evolve. Misplacement of the burner cap is very dangerous as the gas gets accumulated in the duct, and the next time, when you might light the stove, the reserved gas can spread all around and might catch fire.

  • Faulty and outdated parts

There are many reasons for the igniter to click continuously, but there is another certainty that the machine’s components might be faulty or outdated. It can also happen that the bearings of the stove have loosened due to mishandling. 

What to do if gas stove keeps clicking?

  • Remove food debris

Whenever you are cleaning your gas stove, first of all, unplug it and cut-off the gas supply. Use a toothbrush to rub and eradicate the food particles around the knob, the ignition system, near the furnace opening, also cage structure.

After the dry cleaning, use the alcoholic solution on a cotton cloth to incorporate moisture to get rid of the after-cooking stains.

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  • Dry wipe after applying moisture

When cleaning your gas stove, first of all, unplug it and cut off the gas supply. Use a toothbrush to rub and eradicate the food particles around the knob, the ignition system, near the furnace opening, also cage structure.

  • Make sure the burner cap is properly placed

Sometimes, the burner cap gets dislocated, and due to that, the stove keeps clicking.  Unplug your device from the power supply whenever you handle the intricate parts. Remove the burner cap from its shell, rub it and blow off or rub out if any obstruction is visible. Place it back into its cage at the right position and angle. 

  • Replace or repair the faulty parts

Parts might become outdated or rusted. Either remove or replace the obsolete and rusted parts. Tighten the nuts and bearings present on the body of the machine. However, it is highly recommended to consult a professional mechanic for the intricate components.

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A gas stove is a heavy-duty appliance in every household. The delicate factor linked with it is the gas supply. Self-safety is the most important thing. Always keep the area around your stove clean and the room well ventilated. Inspect the gas supply pipe and the gas inlet weekly. Change the tube immediately whenever you find any scratch or hole through which the gas might escape. Finally, I always prefer gas stoves from a trusted brand that has a positive market reputation.

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