What appliances need a dedicated circuit (NEC?)

What appliances need a dedicated circuit

Modern-day appliances come with the more advanced electrical circuit and the capacity to handle the excessive current flow. The dedicated circuits present in the heavy appliances are the National Electrical Code (NEC). The smaller appliances, on the other hand, run on their small dedicated circuits.

However, the ordinary people are unknown because which part device requires NEC and which one has an in-built one. This article will get comprehensive knowledge about the National Electrical Code and its role in various devices.

An introduction to National Electric Code

National Electric Code is referred to as the standards set by the government of the United States in terms of establishing wiring and electrical connections. However, it is a private association and does not fall under the federal law of the state.

The massive and large appliances require higher power to operate, and any regular circuit might fail to handle the excessive current supply and ultimately break down.

You can find your appliance’s wattage consumption by the information sticker that comes along with the device. If the device or the item is operated for an extended period, it requires a dedicated circuit. But before that, you must check with the local regulators that they can support the dedicated circuits and if you need to upgrade your system, then what you all need is a professional technician like us.

What is a dedicated circuit?

A dedicated electrical circuit can support only one device or appliance. It is a line that comes out of the panel for one particular device. Kitchen appliances, kitchen repository, and even for heaters, dedicated circuits are the appropriate choice. They prevent tripping and unwanted breakage.

There are several appliances in different rooms that require dedicated circuits. The list of them is:

For the kitchen:

  • Electric oven, stove and cooking ranges
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers ( stand-alone and chest types)
  • Microwave ovens (Traditional and Convection)
  • Dishwasher
  • Toaster oven and griller
  • Deep fryer (Countertop and air)

The wattage requirement of each device varies from model to model. The dependency of the dedicated circuit depends on the frequency and duration of usage.

For laundry room:

The minimum amp requirement of a dedicated circuit for any laundry room is 20 Amp. If you own a gas dryer and washer both, then you can connect it to the same outlet, but for an electric washer, you require a 220-volt electric supply and a separate 20 Amp point.

For living and bedrooms:

  • Electric fireplace
  • Air conditioners (window and split)
  • Heaters ( infrared, heater and space)

These specific devices require dedicated circuits based on performance and efficiency.

However, other devices require low-efficient power and energy. However, the computers and televisions can be installed into the standard circuits.

In the garage room:

  • Large size compressor and air compressor
  • Driller and saws (power and electrical) and other repairing tools

Dedicated circuits are standard in homemade workshops.  The power tools are the ones that must have a dedicated circuit.

In outdoor and utility room:

  • Spas and hot tubs
  • Heater pumps and furnace
  • Light display system and central conditioning unit
  • Motor pumps

Significance of dedicated circuits:

  1. Dedicated circuits are like a preventive measure that prevents devices from drawing more current than they require—these help in handling unwanted breakage, tripping of breakers, sudden exhaustion of fuses, and over-heating fuses. Therefore, dedicated circuits prevent fire breakout and maintain the shelf life of the wiring system.
  2. Dedicated circuits are like basic guidelines for any device connection you intend to add to your household environment. These circuits provide the correct length for each device and establish a connection that prevents fire breakout. 

What are small appliance circuits?

The kitchen circuitry in the walls and countertop repositories require shot circuit connections. The ancillary areas are also using these circuits for lighting arrangements.

The primary significance of these short circuit appliances is portability and convenience of use. The easy-to-go devices and the ones commonly used for cooking like the fondue-pots, hand mixers, processors, coffee makers, and other dessert-making devices use these kinds of small circuits. 

The kitchen requires bright lighting to make the working environment better. The requirement of lighting system is 15 Amp and around 120/125-volt. The ceiling lights, the footlights, canister lights, and under-cabinet lights use these small circuits to function.

Another point to consider whenever you design the lighting system of any place is future lighting availability. Make space for more plug points and circuits so that you can add more lighting devices to it. 


Hence, next time you establish an electrical connection in your house, and then take the correct measures. The use of dedicated circuits is indispensable for a safe and secure home environment.

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