Refrigerator not cooling? How to fix it

A refrigerator is one of the key electronic devices present in your kitchen that keeps your food fresh and prevents it from rotting. Without these refrigerators, life wouldn’t have been that easy. 

With constant use of any device, problems start to arise. With many advantages and benefits, there are some disadvantages as these devices are prone to stumble. If the issue is not identified timely, it can lead to a major problem in its functioning. 

Mishandling is the primary cause of any problem. These household appliances are not finite, so to increase their durability, you need to maintain it by resolving the issues without delaying. 

This article will address the common problems and provide you a quick solution. The most sought and asked questions are “why is my refrigerator not cooling? ‘How should I fix it?’ refrigerator blows hot air, cooling is not enough, and many more.    

The refrigerator keeps your food fresh and prevents it from rotting by keeping your food cool. Cooling slows down the bacteria from spoiling the food so that it can last longer. 

There are two portions in a refrigerator, one is a freezer and the other is a fridge. To keep your essentials cool but not to freeze you should place them in the fridge. Its temperature in the ideal condition is 35F to 40F. 

And the food that needs to be frozen should be placed inside the freezer. The temperature inside the freezer is maintained below zero Fahrenheit. These temperatures are maintained when the refrigerator is working properly. 

After discussing the importance of a refrigerator and reason to keep your food cool, let us discuss some common issues regarding cooling and other components.  These tips will come in handy while repairing and will enhance your knowledge. 

Time to start cooling

This is the most asked question by the worldwide users that ‘how long for the refrigerator to get cold?’. 

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On average the refrigerator takes about three to twenty-four hours to get cold so after that, you can start the storage. This time can increase depending upon the condition and the brand of the refrigerator. 

Some brands may take extra time which is not much and the difference is only a few minutes. The cooling time can exceed the normal time if the door is not properly closed or if it is being opened continuously. 

To get the optimal results the doors of both fridge and freezers should be kept closed. Putting the extra burden on the refrigerator by overloading it affects the cooling of the refrigerator.  

Every item has some specific capacity and by exceeding it you may be asking for trouble. Ideally, fill it ¾ keeping some space in the containers and other shelves during the stabilizing period. If it still doesn’t cool in the given time then there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Freezer and Fridge not cold enough

If you notice that your freezer and fridge are not cooling as they should be, causing the food to rot then there must be some problem.

This is among the common problems that the users usually face. Firstly check the back wall, whether it is cold or not. You need to make sure that your refrigerator is plugged into power. Check if the vents at the back are not blocked by any box as it proves to be the hurdle for the cold air to circulate.

After this, check the evaporator fan whether it is running or not which allows free flow of air from the freezer vents. If you don’t hear the sound of the evaporator fan running then there must be a problem in it. 

If the fan is working fine then the next thing to do is checking the refrigerator’s compressor. In most of the refrigerators, the condensers and the compressors are located at the backside of the refrigerator near the floor. If it is not running then this shows that it may be stuck or worn out. 

The remedy of this issue is either replacing the fan or moving to another refrigerator that you have your eyes on.      

Black coils behind the refrigerator

If you take a look at the back of your fridge and notice black coils at the bottom you may start thinking ‘why are the coils at the back of a fridge black?’ 

Since black color is better at absorbing and radiating heat and these coils radiate heat, the black color of these coils ease up the process. 

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These coils are present at the bottom of the fridge to keep the refrigerant cool and condense. These coils must be kept clean. If the dirt covers up the coil then they won’t be able to radiate the heat efficiently thus reducing the cooling. 

If your refrigerator blows hot air then it means either the coils are dirty or evaporator fan motor is not working causing trouble. To fix this problem you need to schedule a service.  

Freezer stops working

This can happen due to multiple reasons. The most possible reason is that your condenser coils are dusty and need cleaning. These condenser coils should be cleaned now and then for smooth running. 

The second reason could be the defect in the evaporator fan. Another reason could be the blocking of the fan due to any box. The circulation of the cold air stops in case the evaporator fan malfunctions. 

Lastly, there may be a problem in the starter relay that provides power to the compressor.  

Bottom line

The refrigerator is an essential home appliance therefore after reading this article it will be quite easier for you to understand what things to look for and how to fix it in case of any trouble. These home appliances should be handled with care and must be maintained well to increase durability and saving the cost of repair. You must solve the problem before it gets worse. 

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