How to reset a garbage disposal

Waste is referred to as the unwanted and non-useful leftovers obtained from our day to day work stuff. Every day a significant amount of waste is generated from each family. The nature of the waste can be solid or in liquid form. Hence, it is equally important to dispose of this enormous amount of waste to recycling them.

The garbage disposal process involves collecting, dumping, and ultimately processing the collected waste to use for the betterment of society. Therefore, several machines are required that converts the raw wastes to useful product for human use. In this article, you will learn how to operate, restart these machines.

How to reset a garbage disposal

At times, every machine is subjected to stoppage or inactivity in its working process. Several factors influence this discrepancy. Sometimes, the wrong usage process like starting the machine without water supply, then dropping hard objects and flatwares into the machine can cause its untimely breakage or total motor breakdown. Fortunately, the process of resetting garbage disposal is simple.

All you need is a mirror

  1. First of all, cut down the power supply of the machine and switch it off.
  2. Every machine comes with a restart button. The indicative color of the button is red. Generally, the button is kept below the machine
  3. Once the reset function has restored, turn on the cold water supply and turn the garbage disposal switch to the on position. Now the machine might work properly.

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What if the garbage disposal reset button does not work?

Here are some quick steps to repair or reuse your device even if the restart button fails to operate.

  1. Cut down the power source your device and open out the water pipe connection.
  2. Use a wrench and place it on the toll located on the central opening of the machine. Turn the wrench key back and forth until the jam is released.
  3. Use a wooden plunger and enter it through the pipe opening into the sink. Turn the plunger to clear the jam and the path of water supply.
  4. After the clogged waste has been removed, join the outer pipe of the disposal to the water source and re run the cold water supply.
  5. There can be circumstances where the button fails to stay. During that time wait for 10 minutes and then repeat the process.

Troubleshoot your device’s problems

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How to restart garbage disposal

  1. First of all, save yourself from any happening. Unplug the machine from the power supply.
  2. If the machine is hot to touch, let it cool and, after that, repair the part that has caused the hindrance.
  3. After you are done with the repair, re-install the removed parts and re-plug the machine.
  4. Press the reset button for once and then wait for some time. Now you can switch on the power button to restart the machine.

How to recover the machine when it fails to grinds but hums?

  1. After you have turned off the machine’s main electric supply, use a wrench to open the flywheel unit and the impeller.
  2. Rotate the wrench in clockwise or anticlockwise direction to loose the bearings and nuts. Then clean the debris blocking the passage.
  3. Clear the debris and clean the opening for the passage.
  4. Once the passage is clear, restore the flywheel and reconnect the plug to the electric supply. But, do not turn on the machine.
  5. Before restarting the appliance, use the reset button and wait for sometime to see it retracts or not. After that run cold water and direct them as short spurts towards the impeller to clear any remaining debris.Now you can re-run your machine and use it.

Recover your disposal from clogged state

If your device’s drainage pipe has stopped working and has got clogged, then this is a plumbing problem and can be easily repaired by opening the water pipe and clearing the jammed debris in it.

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At times the leftover food particles get stuck under the mesh or inside the pipe, especially the meat and fish bones. Sticky food particles form an inner layer inside the pipe that traps other microparticles and eventually clogs the water transmission.

You can use a mild acidic cleaner or reagent and run it through the inside of the pipe. All the dirt will dilute and come out of the pipe as dirty water to your utter surprise. 


There are can be more issues related to your device except the few mentioned here. There can be problems related to the slow drainage of water or leakage in the drainage pipe. No need to worry! Try to clear the passage of water and before every task do unplug your device.

We hope that you have found the solution to your problems. Proper maintenance of the machine with the right measures not only increases the shelf life of the machine but also keeps your life harassment-free.

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