How to defrost a freezer

How to defrost a freezer

Refrigerators with the attached freezer to them are a trendy and easy-to-locate appliance in every house irrespective of the standards. However, the vintage manual lockers used to have freezers required to be defrosted from time-to-time. With the advancement of technology and addition to the existing technology, the modernized refrigerators have automatic defrosted freezers.

The accumulated frost inside the freezer is of no use for the consumers. Frost reduces the cooling effect of the refrigerant leading to inefficiency of keeping the food items preserved and chilled. Moreover, the chilling effect of frosts is also felt on your electricity bill.

This particular is for those readers searching for a solution on how to defrost a freezer or how to defrost a fridge. Let’s get started.

How to defrost freezer

Before you know the steps to defrost a freezer, you need to understand why actually frost occurs. Frost occurs in the freezer when the high-temperature air from the surroundings comes into contact with the cold air and gets condensed to accumulate as frost on the side and top walls.

How to defrost freezer with a defrost drainer:

  1. Turn off the alarm of your freezer. Preferably, switch off the power supply as well.
  2. Locate the drain plug that is located outside the freezer’s body. Remove it by twisting.
  3. Use a hosepipe and connect it to the adapter.
  4. Place the other end of the hosepipe where the water can be displaced or removed.
  5. After the frost has melted, replace the original system and switch on the alarm.

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How to defrost a freezer using hand:

  1. Switch off the freezer.
  2. Remove all the necessary food items and other products. Empty the cleaning area.
  3. Let warm environmental air soften the ice. Give a resting time of 15 minutes.
  4. Remove the ice by scraping it with a plastic or wooden ladle or spoon.
  5. Clear the space in the freezer by displacing the ice debris.

Note: Do not use any sharp pointed objects to scrap the frosted ice.

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How to defrost a fridge:

  1. Empty your refrigerator and remove all the necessary products in a safe place. This is also an excellent opportunity to throw away all the unwanted belongings.
  2. Please switch off the refrigerator, unplug it from the power supply, and keep it open to let the ice melt.
  3. Remove all the parts of the fridge. Keep the shelves, the glass bases, and the stands in a safe place. You can wash and dry them.
  4. Let your fridge rest for a few minutes or even hours. The warm air will soften the ice and loosen their grip.
  5. You can use Luke warm water to accelerate the process of defrosting. But be careful; do not use hot water as that may damage your machine.
  6. You can use a hairdryer to melt the ice at specific points.
  7. You can also place a pedestal fan in front of the open freezer to accelerate the air supply.
  8. After the ice melts, dispose of them, replace the shelves, and stand in their original position.  

Can you use a hair dryer to defrost freezer?

defrosting freezer using a hair dryer

To use a hairdryer to defrost a freezer is safe. A hairdryer is a portable defroster. However, there are specific guidelines to be maintained while using a hairdryer for defrosting.

  • Make sure you are not standing on the water while using the hairdryer. Keep the appliance and the wire attached to it away from the melting water. Make a proper inspection of the hairdryer’s wiring; if you find any scratch or exposed part, replace it.
  • Do not use the dryer for an extended period. Extensive use might overheat it, and permanent damage might sustain. Use it for a fixed time and then give it rest and then reuse it.
  • Maintain a distance between the dryer and the coils of the refrigerator. The excessive heat of the condenser might damage the hairdryer.
  • Cover the base of the freezer with a water-absorbing cloth to soak the dripping water from the ice.
  • Blow the warm air in the targeted region. Do not try to melt the entire ice with the dryer. Loosen the grip of the ice and then scrap it out.
  • Hairdryers are an efficient source of warm heat, especially for the corners and the small spaces where the air from fans or surrounding air cannot reach.

Final thoughts

Now you know the ways to defrost the freezer as well as the fridge. The use of a hairdryer is also clear to you, possibly. However, freezers of reputed brands last long without accumulation of frost. Please do research and compare the prices of top brands before you purchase your desired refrigerator or freezer.

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