How to clean ice maker

How to clean ice maker

When the summer arrives in our doorstep and when the quickest possible sunrise and the latest sunset occurs, ‘ice’ would be a word you may want to hear more often. Whether you decide to hang out with your family at home or chill out with friends at a party, there would be numerous benefits of ice cubes. We use ice buckets to cool drinks, keep our bottles cold for a longer time, and even for ice baths. Plus, you will get thrilled by placing ice cubes on your favorite drink. Ice cubes would help us in our daily lives, like when we have a bruise that we got from some outdoor activity.

But sometimes you may end up with nasty ice cubes, which is smelled and funky tasted. They will not serve your purpose. This could happen when electronic equipment is continuously in contact with water, especially hard water, can build molds, scale, and slime. This may be the reason for your smelly ice cubes. Or, as you know, hard water contains various minerals and small microscopic sediments. They could collect inside the ice maker and build up, which will result in sloppy ice cubes. Plus, dirt and rust would be other facts that could cause smelly ice cubes. They will cause your machine to work hard when making ice.

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And sometimes there may be some leftover foods in your fridge that need to be cleaned. As the air circulates through the machine, your ice cubes can catch those bad smells and tastes too. Before proceeding into anything else, first, try to clean the fridge and remove all unwanted items.

The ice maker is an equipment that most homemakers neglect to clean. Because sometimes, you may think that you use filtered water to make ice, and there is no need to clean it.

But when you have these warning signs like

  • Smelly or nasty tasted ice cubes
  • Ice cubes looks small than usual
  • Looks cloudy
  • Ice melts faster than average
  • Feels soft when you touch them

 then you must consider how to clean the ice maker.

How to clean the ice maker step by step

1. Prepare all the necessities

When you start cleaning your ice maker, it may be awkward to leave the place several times to find the supplies. This is especially true if you have little children who run here and there in the house. They can make a mess, and it may be unsafe for them too.

You will need warm soapy water, damp cloths, brush, and detergent.

2. Unplug the main power supply from the refrigerator

You have to turn off the fridge before proceeding into anything, for your own safety. This will prevent you from having an electric shock while you in there, and also it will stop the fridge from still making ice while you are cleaning.

Cleaning the ice machine would not take a long time, but if you begin the process at an extremely hot temperature, it is important to transfer the foods into a cooler, and if not, it is not necessary. 

Also, it would be best if you prevent the chances of mixing water and electricity together. Then you have to make sure that there is no water remains in the water reservoir from the ice bucket too. If there is, drain it completely.

3. Clean the ice cube maker bin

First, you have to take the ice maker out of the freezer. Most ice makers can pull out as a usual kitchen drawer, or you may have to lift it out.

If any old ice cubes are remaining, you can dump them and use warm water to remove any remaining sticky cubes.

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It’s good to remove all the removable parts, such as an ice tray or filter, which must clean carefully. It’s not good to put those in the dishwasher. You can fill the kitchen sink with warm water and cleaning solution, then using a soft damp cloth; you can clean all the parts thoroughly. At this point, you can use a brush to scrub and remove any bumps or scale buildups. If you are wondering how to clean the ice maker with vinegar, then a tablespoon of vinegar combined with water would make an excellent ice maker cleaning solution.

All the interior parts also must be adequately cleaned. Sometimes, you may think of using an ice pick or any sharp object to clean the unreachable parts, but it is not advisable, as it may cause damage to the ice-making mechanism.

4. Check the water filter in the ice maker

Your ice maker has a water filter. As mentioned earlier, if your water is hard, the small sediments could be stuck in your ice maker’s water filter and clog it. The result will be bad tasted ice cubes. So you may use the manufactures instructions or think about replacing the filter.

5. Turn on the refrigerator

Now you can turn on the refrigerator and run a few cycles. Make ice cubes two or three times and discard them. This step is also an important one because, from this, you can check the quality of the new ice cubes. Plus, when cleaning, if you use some cleaning solution or detergent, the small uncleaned particles of them could be stuck at the interior and mess up the cubes’ taste. In fact, they could be very harmful to you too. 

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So, before making for your necessities, consider making ice cubes a few times and discard them.

When you are replacing the parts of the ice maker, make sure you wipe them thoroughly with a dry cloth and keep them moisture free, because any wet surface can cause electric leakage.

Although the above-described instructions could apply to most ice makers, there could be different ice makers that need different cleaning processes. So, it is good to read the user manual first before proceeding into any action.

Plus, the reason for the poor performance of your ice maker is poor maintenance. So, it is advised to take good care of your ice maker at least once a month.

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