How to clean a deep fryer

How to clean a deep fryer
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Thick golden brown coated foods with a crunchy outer cover and soft juicy core and a characteristic tone with every bite are the ultimate desire of every food lover.  Amid this crisis, when restaurants, fast food centers, and local food stores are closed, you might be feeling missing your favorite delicacies. So here is your knight in shining armor, deep fryers.

This kitchen equipment has gained an enormous population in the western countries and high-profile properties. Easy-to-use and rapid in operation, deep fryers have become common in most household kitchens nowadays.

A deep fryer’s usability is not rocket science, but a significant issue arises on how to clean a deep fryer. The primary focus is to elaborately describe the processes and techniques used in cleaning a deep fryer. 

Steps for how to clean a deep fryer

Every device must be cleaned and maintained after using them. Proper care increases the shelf-life of the invention. It also keeps the machine free from dust, germs, or any microbial growth. Here are nine different ways mentioned for cleaning a deep fryer.

1. Always switch off the machine and let it cool down

After completion, always power off your device and rest it alone to cool down.  Please do not use any external cooling mechanism to lower its temperature. Naturally, deep fryers might require 1-2 hours to cool down.

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2. First and foremost keep the frying basket aside

After the device has cooled down and reached the room temperature, detach the frying basket and keep it aside in a sink. Apply washing liquid on it, but do not wash it under running water immediately.

3. Properly store the used oil

Let the cooking oil cool down to room temperature and store it in a big air-tight container made of tin or glass.

4. Intricately clean the interior of the fryer

Very often, the interior parts of the fryer are not appropriately scrubbed. Debris of cooked food might remain stuck to the edges or at the bottom. Use a pointed plastic spatula to remove the sticky marks and spots.

5. Apply washing soap or liquid on the interiors of the fryer

Apply a considerable amount of high-quality to disinfect the interior of the fryer. Do not apply the washing solution directly to the body of the device. Apply the liquid using a scrubber and rub the fryer’s walls and bottom in a circular motion.

6. Allow resting time in hot water

Once completed with intricate cleansing, submerge the fryer in tremendous hot water and rest for approximately thirty minutes.

7. Sponge and scrub the frying basket

Use a soft sponge to scrub the baskets and every nooks and corner of it. Apply forward and backward motion. Add a washing solution to remove tough greasy stains. 

8. Drench the fryer

Rinsing of the fryer is one of the most straightforward steps. Typically, you need to wash and swish the whole fryer from every corner to remove the washing solution’s lather. After washing, keep the fryer on a towel or any absorbing surface.

9. Drying the fryer

The final step is to wipe and dry the whole fryer before the water gets evaporated. Cleaning is essential because water after getting faded leaves behind marks and spots on the equipment’s body.

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How to clean stuck-on grease from deep fryer

Greasy stains and particles are the most challenging while cleaning. The typical process of cleaning cannot remove these harsh particles.

  • One way is to submerge the basket of the fryer in a warm water solution. The solution must include hot water, vinegar solution, and washing solution.

Rest the basket in the water for some legitimate time. After the time is over, wash the frying basked under running water using a scrubber to washer any left out marks.

  • Another tested and positive method is the usage of baking soda along with water. Form a concentrated paste of baking soda and water and rapidly scrub the greasy spots with the preparation.

Keep it to rest for some time and then rinse the basket with running water to complete the cleaning method. 

  • There is another procedure, you can combine the above two steps to create a unique approach.

Pour baking soda on the lowermost surface of the fryer and then add vinegar to it. Let the fizzles settle down. Use a scrubber to eradicate the tough spots. Wash the whole fryer with warm water at the last.

 Remember to use gloves while using the third method.  The mixture is corrosive to the skin. 

Note: Always detach the machine from the electricity supply before undergoing a cleaning methodology.


Whenever you purchase a deep fryer, do not forget to read the manual guide.  The cleansing methods may vary from machine to machine.  Always cut off the electricity supply while cleaning and also maintain personal hygiene.

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