How does a juicer work?

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Change is inevitable and is the only constant. With the advancement of science and time, there have been some significant changes in our daily lifestyle, eating habits, and our drinking habits. During medieval period, manual devices played the major role to extract the nutritious juices from exotic fruits and vegetables. But now the manual labor has given way to technologically advanced equipment known as juicers.

The kitchen devices used to extract the naturally enriched liquids from the various vegetables and fruits are known as juicers. These devices segregate the pulp content from the extracted juice.    

The primary focus of this article is to portray the working mechanism of juice extracting machine. You will be made acquainted with how does juicer work.

Two main juicers available and their functioning:

  1. Centrifugal juicers
  2. Masticating juicers

Centrifugal juicers

They are the most widely popular category of juicers dominating the market. The notable characteristics are swiftly revolving blades beneath a mesh filter. The combined effect of both features generates the centrifugal force.

Working process

They are well known as fast juicers. They can chop the products (vegetables and fruits) similarly as a blender does. These devices are ideal in chopping hard products like carrots, apples, radish, and many more. The breakneck speed of the blade that runs at 3,000-6,000 rotations per minute is the main reason behind their durability.

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The extracted juices obtained travel through a filter where the further liquid is derived from the pulp. After the final extraction, the fluid is collected into a container at the base of the device.

On the other hand, the dried and undesirable pulp is left behind in the filter located at the bottom. Some specific models come with an automatic pulp ejection system. When the pulp extract reaches up to the rejection point, the machine uses the ejection feature to empty the pulp from the filter. 

Masticating juicers

Cold press fruit juicers minimize the nutrient-deficiency. As the name suggests, the typical pattern of working of these machines is that they squash the product into a dry semi-solid content, thus disengaging the most of the fluids from it and keeping the essential enzymes intact. The vibrant complexion of the resultant juice is the evidence of its dense concentration.

Working process

These devices are known for their 100% natural juice extraction. They operate using only one gear. The slow rotational rate of 80-90 per minute helps in providing highly nutritious juice. The slower motion develops a chewing effect on the products used for juice extraction. They are more efficient and favorable over fast juicers.   

Since the rotational speed of the device is slower than centrifugal juicers, they extract the more nourished, enzyme-rich liquid that contains traces of minerals and fibers.

The one gear is like a drilling device that is attached to the entire large apparatus. The blades attached to the gear are responsible for the drilling mechanism that extracts the juice from the products.

A mesh filter is present in the device to strain out the liquid with minimum pulp content. The operating speed of the device is slower and thus they keep all the essential nutrient content intact. The slow extraction process is a highly efficient technique.

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So now you must be aware of the main varieties and the functioning mechanism of juicers available in the market. The significance behind knowing the dos and don’ts about the operation of these devices helps you to operate them conveniently. The comfortability factor is not only useful for you and your family, but it also increases the life of your device.  

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