How do induction cooktops work?

Induction cooktops are now popular kitchen appliances present in most well-sophisticated kitchens. The difference between other cooktops and induction cooktops is; induction cooktops use electrical induction for cooking or heating food items compared to the thermal inductive usage of other ranges. 

The primary advantage of induction cooktops is they do not produce any flame or unwanted dispersal of heat all around it.  They are portable with a wiring system that makes it convenient to carry along with you to various spots. However, every utensil is not induction-friendly. Ferromagnetic metal-based utensils like stainless steel or casted iron utensils with a flat base are ideal for an induction cooktop.

In this article, you will be familiar with how to do induction cooktops work and some safety measures you must follow. So without any further delay, let’s begin!

The working mechanism behind induction cooktops

Induction cooktops can be in-built as in hobs or available in the market as a separate cooking platform. Since they use electromagnetic waves for cooking, the machine contains a mesh or a coil of copper wires placed under a ceramic or glass plate that acts as the device’s top. The electricity generated due to the magnet’s automatic rotation generates an eddy current that travels in the form of heat towards the upward side and provides heat to cook the food. 

Do not use any incompatible utensils for cooking. The item’s base might get stick to the plate of the cooktop and ultimately destroy the device.

An induction hob, on the other hand, comes with a gas cooktop also. However, the same mechanism as in the induction cooktop is also followed here. The transmission of energy through the hob is around 84% compared to gas or a ceramic plate of 74%. Hence, water will boil almost in half the time on an induction cooktop than a gas plate.

What do you understand by Eddy current?

You must be aware of conductors. The current allowed to pass through a conductor is entitled as eddy current. Every conductor that passes current generates an electric field around it, and they might have varied magnetic field around them.

The eddy current has a circular traveling path from the positive point to the opposing point. The strength of it increases with the changing of magnetic fields.  

Eddy current has enormous heating strength and can heat any object that touches it within seconds. With varied uses in roller coasters and trains, they are also great at stopping fast-moving objects.

How does induction cooking work?

Pots and pans are placed on the ceramic plate of the cooktop. When the electric supply is started, and you have entered a specific cooking mode, the generation of heat gets started. Within a few minutes, the contents of the pan or pot placed on the top of the induction start boiling, and yes, the cooking has started.

Induction cooking is faster, safer, and is an improved thermal induction mechanism. The most significant advantage of these devices is they are energy efficient and save much energy than any commercial gas burner. The heat generated is directed only on the base of the utensil placed on the device’s conducting area. This helps to prevent the generation of waste heat and thus saves fuel to a great extent.

How advantageous is induction cooking?

  • Faster boiling

The smooth glass-based surface act as a spill-proof surface. The surface also cools quickly, and hence it becomes easier to clean any stains or leftovers immediately after cooking.

  • Specific temperature control

One of the best features of induction cooking is temperature control. In traditional cooktops, you can raise or lower the flame of cooktops, but in case of induction, you can control the amount of electrical energy supplied to food cooking.

  • Easy-to clean surface

The instant heating mechanism of pots and pans saves current in the longer run. The heat generation is more than the traditional cooking method that is 50% less than the traditional method.

  •  Auto-sizing burners

Induction cooktops are portable. They use electromagnetic energy to generate electricity, and therefore they can be moved anywhere where there is electricity supply. The main criterion of cooking food on an induction cooktop is to place the pot or pan on the center or the exact place marked on the ceramic plate. Usually, the area is large in an area where pans can easily be placed for cooking.


Initially, the technology behind induction cooktops might sound complicated to you. There are several modes and features. They are digital with buttons to choose from. Once you get the hang of it, it will be complicated to use any other cooking device. Beyond your imagination, they are quite innovative and with several advantages than any other cooking ranges. Faster cooking, accompanied by less expense of electricity, makes them fit for any kitchen. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your induction cooktop now.

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