Different types of juicers

In today’s modern times, health has become a priority for many people. People go to the gym, do yoga, and consume healthy food. However, the rigid schedule of an individual’s life does not regularly allow him or her to work out. In such scenarios, diet plays a significant role, especially minerals and vitamins. The primitive manual mechanisms have given way to electronic mechanisms. Now, you can prepare and enjoy every sip of your popular drinks anytime with minimal efforts.

Precisely, modern juicers are homely appliances that are enforced with progressive filters and technology to section the pulp and solids from the juice.

This article will offer you with comprehensive knowledge concerning the prevalent categories of juicers and a closed rationalization of their functioning principles with notable pros and cons. The key features you must look into while selecting a juicer are also well described here. So let’s get started.

Categories of juicers present in the market

Three significant categories of juicer dominate the market, namely,

  1. Centrifugal
  2. Masticating
  3. Triturating

What is a Centrifugal Juicer?

centrifugal juicer

They are the most widely popular category of juicers dominating the market. The notable characteristics are swiftly revolving blades beneath a mesh filter. The combined effect of both features generates the centrifugal force.

How does a juicer work?

This device contains a channel for adding products to the juicer. The food materials are subjected to the swift motion of the blades to release necessary fluids in adequate quantity. The presence of separate compartments helps to segregate the semi-solid remaining from the liquid, and now your juice is ready. One of the notable drawbacks is the exceptional velocity of the blades at a rate of 4,000 – 16,000 RPM is responsible for a boisterous sound.

These devices are economical.The juice contains a surface layer of lather.
Total number of components in the machine is limited.They are cacophonous.
The production time is less due to large channel.They are inefficient towards green leafy vegetables.

What is a Masticating Juicer?

masticating juicer

Cold press fruit juicers minimize the nutrient-deficiency. As the name suggests, the normal pattern of working of these machines is that they squash the product into a dry semi-solid content, thus extricating the most of the fluids from it and, therefore, keeping the essential enzymes intact. The vibrant complexion of the resultant juice is the evidence of its dense concentration.

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How does a cold press juicer work?

Similar in appearance like the centrifugal juicers, cold press juicers also contain a channel to receive the fruits and a segmented section for pulp accumulation. Thanks to the one-gear mechanism, the device has a velocity of 80 – 120 RPM, which helps provide more concentrated, enzyme rich juice.

The amount of juice obtained is more compared to centrifugal juicers with dry pulp.The rate of production of juice is too slow.
Suitable for green vegetables.The channels are small.
The shelf life of the extracted juices is usually more.These juicers have multiple parts that require more time to clean.

What is a Triturating Juicer?

triturating juicer

This is a perfect device for juice lovers who believe in enhancing their diet with one glass of wholesome nutrition. They are aesthetically appealing due to the twin-gear installed in it. The mechanism of working is similar to a tandem.

Operating principle behind triturating juicer

The high efficiency of the device is due to the presence of a double gear mechanism. This mechanism is responsible to provide you with the most delicious and highly nutritious juice. It pounds the given product into fine particles and extricates the last drop of the liquid present.

Highly efficient in yielding juice.They are (expensive) than other juicers.
The juice obtained is highly rich in minerals.The assembled parts are quite complex.
The device can be used to prepare other food materials. These juicers are more space demanding.

Features to look for in a juicer:

  • Sort of production

An ideal juicer must include a high production capability. You being a customer must be aware of what kind of juice is best for your diet and whether your chosen device is efficient enough to meet your needs. For instance, cold press juicers are wealthy in pulp formation but less efficient in pounding arduous products. Similarly, fast juicers are best for arduous vegetables and fruits.

  • Storage space

One of the first issues with any device is space for storing. Your ideal juicer must be space-friendly. While vertical juicers will build area in cabinets, horizontal juicers are not friendly for smaller kitchens. If you want simply transportable juicers, then lightweight centrifugal juicers must be on top of your checklist. Your ideal juicer should be appropriate to handle your volume demand.

  • Performance speed and noise level

In our hectic day-to-day life, we want devices that are fast in processing and don’t affect other’s comfort. In the case of juicers, cold press juicers are silent workers, but their processing speed is too slow. Well, centrifugal juicers are highly efficient in performance, but they are too noisy to disturb anyone.

  •  Easy to clean

Arranged juicers are subjected to extensive application and cleansing. Complicated juicers, in the long run, might turn out to be inefficient due to complicated structures. Larger the feeding channels, lower is the production time. Juicers with external pulp collectors are better than internally located pulp collectors. While purchasing the ideal juicer, make sure it is dishwasher friendly.

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  • Pocket-friendly

Besides, all the advanced features, compact size, and intricate details, an ideal juicer are pocket-friendly one. However, the more you pay, the better appliance you get. The expensive machine also comes with more extended warranty periods.

An ideal device for your family is one that is affordable, energy-efficient, provides desired results, is lightweight, and easily transportable in nature. Do carefully judge the device, keeping in mind the mentioned points when you visit a shop to buy a juicer.

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